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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise adds security layer


With nearly 1-million malware threats released worldwide every day, it’s vital that organisations deploy a proactive, defense-in-depth network security strategy that addresses multiple layers of the network.
In an effort to provide enterprise businesses with greater networking security capabilities, ALE, operating under the brand Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, today announced it has added another level of protection against a growing range of vulnerability attacks. It has enhanced its already proven secure OmniSwitch portfolio of products via a technology partnership with LGS Innovations.
The new technology, known as CodeGuardian, is believed to be the world’s first independently developed solution aimed at protecting the operating system of third party network switches and routers from security threats and vulnerabilities. The addition of CodeGuardian to the OmniSwitch products creates another layer of defense against security exploits.
CodeGuardian is designed to protect networks from intrinsic vulnerabilities, code exploits, embedded malware, and potential back doors that could compromise mission-critical operations. Businesses benefit as the technology is designed to mitigate larger enterprise security risks at the source, enabling an enhanced security profile through:
* Independent verification and validation of OmniSwitch source code;
* Address space randomisation to protect the OmniSwitch operating system without changing any functionality; and
* Secure delivery of OmniSwitch software by ALE helps to prevent tampering.
“Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise switches are continuing to evolve with superior, enhanced security to protect businesses from modern security threats and vulnerabilities. After all, preventing an attack is much less expensive than recovering from an attack. Our OmniSwitch products already satisfy higher level of security required particularly in government agencies, military operations, academic institutions, and healthcare organisations. We take pride in the continued evolution of our portfolio to address our customers’ security concerns, and are excited to work with LGS Innovations to bring the added assurance of CodeGuardian to our offering,” says Stephane Robineau, Executive Vice President, GM, Network business, ALE.
“LGS Innovations is dedicated to supporting the evolution of enterprise security to address a defense-in-depth strategy for all layers of the network. With extensive experience deploying secure, mission-critical switching solutions, we recognise the importance of network-level software integrity as a critical component of the larger network security ecosystem. LGS is excited to partner with ALE to bring CodeGuardian to their OmniSwitch family of products,” concludes Kevin Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, LGS Innovations.