Seacom is showing strong growth in the global and African wholesale and retail telecom markets, this according to independent statistics from the Internet performance management company, Dyn.
Dyn’s data shows that Seacom is rapidly climbing the IPv4 Internet rankings as it connects more customers across Africa.
According to Dyn, Seacom is second in terms of the overall rate of customer growth in Africa’s market and has shown strong growth as a backbone, retail and wholesale provider in both the continent and globally. The scores are based on the number of IP addresses an IP network provides transit for, in addition to its own.
“We have seen steady growth in our wholesale market as operators and ISPs across Africa have pushed their data services and increased their use of Seacom to manage their international upstream requirements,” says Robert Marston, Seacom’s global head of product.
“We expect this trend to continue as our customers replace their transmission links and off-continent transit provider ports with regional transit directly off our backbone. Our recently-launched retail offerings in markets such as South Africa and Kenya are also contributing to the rise of our rankings in the retail segment”, Marston concludes.
Seacom is the only African service provider ranked in the top ten wholesale service providers in Africa, with all the other nine service providers being of European or North American origin. It is worth noting that the nine non-African service providers ranked in Africa’s top ten are mostly serving African ISP’s with IP Transit bandwidth out of Europe, while Seacom connects its ISP customers physically and directly from within Africa.
Seacom has made extensive investment in subsea and terrestrial fibre capacity in east and southern Africa, giving it a highly resilient and scalable network over which to provision its services. Extensive peering and interconnections in Europe, together with partnerships with leading CDN providers, ensure customers experience low latencies and high quality when consuming content or connecting to cloud services.
“The commercial and technical advantages of purchasing an IP Transit service from Seacom in Africa versus from a service provider in Europe are immediately visible to our customers,” says Mark Tinka, head of engineering at Seacom. “Greatly improved latency into and out of Africa, as well as flexibility in how we deliver high-capacity Internet bandwidth are all the benefits we offer to our IP Transit customers.”