Enermatics, a provider of smart metering technology and reseller of power to end users, has established an offering – Enermatics smart metering solutions –  tailored to the requirements of the commercial market.
Specifically, the company’s service and support is geared to helping clients manage bulk energy consumption on individual premises, right down to specific lights and air conditioners.
“The cost on electricity is becoming an ever increasing operating cost due to significant price increases and rapid growth in energy demand. This places an extra pressure on businesses, with government mandates to significantly reduce energy consumption. South African businesses are required to better understand the impact that energy usage has on production and operating costs,” says Heinrich Venter, director at Enermatics.
“This involves gaining accurate knowledge on how much energy is consumed and where it is consumed,” says Venter.
The solution finds commercial application and adds value within the property sector.
As Venter explains, landlords can use the technology to accurately bill tenants, resulting in better recovery of costs.
“Automated remote meter reading of the highest accuracy eliminates errors associated with physical meter reading, and the billing process is streamlined. Furthermore, tenant billing can be integrated into your current financial systems with minimal software programming,” says Venter.
Enermatics believes that, with the rising costs of power resources and difficulty in accessing reliable supply, the relevance of easily managed, cost-effective and accessible electricity solutions will only increase.