MTN SA has announced that it has achieved the fastest indoor mobile data service in South Africa using LTE-U and 4.5G technology.
The service is able to provide customers with data speeds up to 1,01Gbps, which it believes is the first Gigabit per second speed recorded in South Africa using a mobile broadband connection.
MTN’s LTE-U and 4.5G solution uses Huawei’s latest small cell Lampsite product, which aggregates two unlicensed LTE 5GHz carriers (40MHz) with one licensed LTE 2100MHz carrier (15MHz), and combines this with next generation enhanced MIMO(Multi-Input Multi-Output) and modulation schemes.
LTE-Unlicensed technology operates in the 5GHz unlicensed band, and is ideal for in-building deployments due to its higher capacity.
The success of this 1Gbps LTE-U trial is a giant leap forward for mobile broadband technology in South Africa, and demonstrates the potential that mobile broadband technologies can achieve if additional spectrum is allocated to mobile network operators.
With this innovative technology, combined with the ultra-speed capacity of Huawei’s small cell Lampsite solution, MTN is able to cater for more demanding enterprise, financial and content services in indoor environments, while offering mobile broadband subscribers a significantly improved quality of experience.
Through the implementation of this Gigabit per second LTE-U solution, MTN has yet again demonstrated its constant drive towards innovation, and improved customer service, which would not have been possible without Huawei’s continual support and advanced mobile technology capabilities.