Sophos has announced MSP Connect, a new partner programme that enhances the capabilities of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by simplifying the complexities of managing multiple security solutions.
The new programme is also designed to help increase profitability, lower costs and improve business efficiencies for MSPs.
Today, MSPs are expected to protect their customers against the rapid growth of sophisticated cyberattacks from wherever they could enter a network. This means managing endpoint, server, network, web and email security products across multiple platforms and increasingly on employees’ mobile devices. The mix of traditional and next generation technology available from multiple vendors has placed additional administrative burdens and extra costs on MSPs.
The new Sophos MSP Connect programme provides access to the company’s portfolio of endpoint and network security products with favourable aggregate pricing.
MSPs are now able to manage all Sophos solutions for every customer through a centralised management platform, Sophos Central.
Within Sophos Central is Sophos Central-Partner, a specialised dashboard that allows MSPs to distribute licenses, add new customers on demand, cross- and upsell services, drive recurring revenue and have a clear, real-time perspective on all customer activity. MSPs can respond to security incidents faster and track alerts of all levels directly from the dashboard, so time spent handling incidents, including minor ones, is more productive and effective.
The Sophos Central-Partner dashboard integrates with Professional Service Automation (PSA) software, and MSPs can tie-in and customize Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software from leading vendors to deploy and update Sophos agents locally.
“MSPs benefit from aggregate licensing models, and with Sophos they will also benefit from more effective synchronised security. The Sophos Central-Partner dashboard will enable MSPs to manage security for endpoint, mobile, network, email, web, wireless and data privacy solutions in a single pane of glass, which is absolutely essential when business owners and employees are working in and out of the office with multiple devices,” says Scott Barlow, vice-president: global MSP at Sophos.
“The intelligence sharing and automated response to incidents through our Security Heartbeat technology enables partners to more efficiently provide uninterrupted service against threats. All of this is available through flexible billing models that are easy for MSPs to implement and designed for greater profitability.”
MSP Connect features cost-effective term licensing, or qualified partners can register for MSP Connect Flex billing, which includes monthly, aggregate billing, in arrears, for simplified accounting and cash flow management. The Flex option includes a dedicated technical account manager.