In a world where experience is everything, Avaya has announced its newest innovations that create true multi-touch communications capabilities with a contextual, 360 degree view of the customer.
The latest innovations include new products, common client SDKs, networking and security enhancements, and a new subscription pricing model.
As 89% of businesses today expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience – up from 36% just four years ago – these same businesses are increasingly looking  to map their customer journeys as part of the strategy to win the customer experience battle.
To help in the battle, Avaya unveiled the following:
* Avaya Oceana: an extensible, software-based solution for true multi-touch customer engagement built on the Avaya Breeze Platform. Delivers attribute-based matching, 360 degree context management, visual workflow automation for customer journey mapping and support for voice and digital channels including text chat (automated and assisted), SMS, web, social, voice, video, co-browsing. Built for extensibility – easily extending channels, workspaces, analytics, and workflow to provide unprecedented flexibility to companies to customise the solution for their exact use cases. Works seamlessly with Avaya Aura CC Elite, IVR, CRM and ERP systems
* Avaya Oceanalytics: A modular and extensible analytics and reporting platform that provides a single, comprehensive view of customer events across all sources, including Avaya and non-Avaya systems and ease to add any other data sources as needed. Breaks the silos from traditional analytic tools with the flexible collection, processing and analysis of data across all real-time and historical systems to provide the rich visualisation of data and support to feed into any existing modern visualisation tools such as Infobuild, Microstrategy Oracle, SAP and Tableleau.
* Avaya Oceana Workspaces:  New roles-based desktops that give agents and supervisors one workspace for all customer touch points including chat (automated bot and assisted), email, SMS, social, voice, video and co-browse. Powerful visualisation of the customer journey and one-click access to common tasks delivers agents and experts the right context and speed to effectively and efficiently service customers.
* Avaya Vantage: An all-glass, touch screen desktop device with optional handset specifically developed to customize for vertical applications. Built for high-quality audio with hands-free Bluetooth capabilities.
* Avaya Client SDK:  A single client SDK on which to build all clients and desktops for virtually any customer facing or  employee role; exists as a standalone client or embedded into user or business applications such as Salesforce, SAP, etc. Both Oceana Workspaces and Avaya Vantage were built on the common client SDK.
* Networking Security and Mobility Enhancements including hyper-segmentation and WLAN.
* Subscription pricing:  New Avaya pricing model option that provides the flexibility of monthly Opex billing, bundled with Support Services and rights to future features and enhancements for the life of the subscription.