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iCAM helps protect and monitor fleets


iCAM Video Telematics has launched its iCAM 852, now allowing fleet owners to stream live videos from multiple vehicles and from multiple cameras. It is a 4-camera mobile CCTV system and is manufactured locally.
The iCAM 852 is designed to provide video solutions with combined vehicle tracking and fleet management capabilities. It will not only ensure reduced time to settle insurance claims, but fleet owners can now increase driver productivity, reduce fuel theft and increase load frequency with reduced turnaround times.
It is a powerful video streaming and fleet management product, designed for safety and driving analysis through video technology. The iCAM 852 was designed from ground up, with scalability in mind in order to support any sized fleet.
iCAM Video Telematics managing director Gary Wels says the scalability also allows fleet owners to add vehicles and administer them without any increases to computers and hardware, because all files are viewable over the Web. “Fleet owners can set auto record, time record, event record and manual record. All of this is done on top of the live tracking offered by normal tracking systems.
“It includes video and image verification, driver behaviour monitoring for risk reduction, goods monitoring for theft prevention and full fleet video telematics for monitoring and event management with traditional live tracking,” he explains.
With up to four cameras including the option of infra-red, the iCAM 852 now also offers live video streaming and continuous video recording while the vehicle ignition is turned on and for up to four hours after ignition is turned off. GPS is embedded into all recorded video data with GPS + Map trip playbacks.
Video recording on all trips, speeding and idling is tracked and one can easily have event triggers on behaviour like harsh braking, acceleration or accidents. Other triggers could include cabin doors, CANBus or trailer doors.
He says the iCAM 852 offers peace of mind and provides factual evidence for insurance claims. “It has realtime live capability on 3G streaming, the GPS accuracy and G-force measurement provides highly reliable impact speeds and force – to prevent any challenges to the validity of data.”
Fleet owners can choose to receive immediate email alerts upon exceptions or triggers and one has direct contact with the driver via auto answer mic and speaker. This innovative solution also offers a fully integrated tracking system with trip playbacks and reports.
Web-based software offers, video clips, incident set up and management, maps, live location, speed, live tracking and trip playback. One can also manage geo fences and points of interest. Live reports include a trip report, log book and area reports. It also offers a video dashboard with live video streaming and one can also play events, incidents and triggered videos.