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Imperial Auto protects itself with Kaspersky


Imperial Auto, the largest network of vehicle dealerships in South Africa, has been protecting 3,200 endpoint users, as well as the servers in the virtual environment, with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced.
The company lists the encryption element of the Kaspersky Lab platform as a key benefit of the solution because it provides an added layer of protection for the huge volumes of confidential data.
As its network had expanded over the years and had inherited many different internet security solutions, suppliers and contracts, Imperial Auto felt the need for best-in-class multi-layered protection technologies. With vast quantities of confidential customer details and commercially valuable and sensitive corporate data contained within Imperial Auto’s systems, solid and reliable IT security measures are both legal requirements and critical to business success.
In consultation with DataTegra, and after a detailed review of the marketplace and the independent analysis of Gartner, Imperial Auto selected the Kaspersky Lab solution — with its technical excellence supported by DataTegra. This local Platinum status Kaspersky Lab partner is a specialist IT security solutions and service provider. It has been named the number one Enterprise Partner of the Year in Africa with Kaspersky Lab for two years running and is the first security specialist in South Africa to reach this milestone.
“The fact that Kaspersky Lab has helped to prevent cyber incidents across 126 dealerships, geographically spread all over the country, over an extended period of time, tells us that they have played an important role in the recent growth and success of our business. Monitoring and controlling everything is so simple with the central management console. Of course so many things are happening automatically, such as the constant scanning for vulnerabilities, but the console enables us to step in and take swift action when we need to — or help colleagues by establishing specific rules to help them with a particular issue or project,” says Mark Terblanche, divisional IT manager at Imperial Auto.
“There are some fundamental systems and processes in automotive business around which it is essential to have a robust, consistent approach. The dealership management system, endpoint, email and WAN must be effectively protected and controlled and we can offer a powerful, multi-layered solution defending against known, unknown and advanced threats,” says Riaan Badenhorst, MD of Kaspersky Lab Africa.