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E160k up for grabs in justice innovation contest


HiiL has opened the call for applications for the 2016 Justice Challenge. The call, which closes on 30th June 2016, will accept applications in the fields of Family Justice and SME Empowerment from innovators across Africa and the Middle East.
Up to 160 000 EUR is available for the winning innovations, which will be divided across the winning innovations (an average of 20 000 EUR per project).
The criteria for selection include innovations that are strictly justice related with an expected impact over the areas of focus. The innovations must also have sustainability, scalability, create impact and be unique.
Wilfried de Wever, head of HiiL’s Justice Accelerator, stresses the importance of widening the scope to cover more issues across Africa. “There are increasingly more justice needs requiring our attention and yet the level of providing solutions has remained the same over the years. This is now leaving out a number of citizens uncovered and unprotected by existing justice systems.
“Our recently-launched report on Justice Needs in Uganda has prompted us to include a Family Justice category to encourage generations of effective solutions on family matters in the region.”
HiiL’s Family Justice Challenge focuses on the promotion of justice solutions that empower and strengthen individuals and family units. The SME Empowerment Challenge is aimed at making it easier for SMEs to start and grow businesses while eliminating justice-related barriers that otherwise discourage such growth.
After the expiry of the 30 June deadline, the shortlisting process will begin after which the shortlisted candidates are expected to embark on an online campaign. The adjudication team will do a wild card selection and various innovators will have a chance to crowdsource for funding. The most promising innovations will be invited to pitch to an international audience during the annual Innovating Justice Forum taking place in The Hague on 1 and 2 December 2016.