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Netxactics now offers Thycotic PAM solutions


Security solution distributor, Netxactics, has announced availability of the Thycotic range of Privileged Account Management (PAM) software solutions.

This is the first time the product set is available locally, and offers protection against cyber-attacks that use privileged accounts and privilege escalation to strike at the core of the enterprise.

“Hackers today are targeting privileged account credentials for good reason,” says Brett Myroff, MD of Netxactics.  “Once hackers gain access, they can advance from an initial breach, escalating their privileges and moving through your network to identify and compromise confidential information.

“By hijacking the privileged credentials of an authorised user, an attacker can easily blend in with legitimate traffic and be extremely difficult to detect.”

PAM solutions enable organisations to address the privileged credential risk continuum across the enterprise.

“Thycotic’s Secret Server, for example, delivers easy to install and use Privileged Account Management to protect an organisation’s most valuable information assets from cyber-attacks and insider threats,” says Myroff.

“In the industry today we’re hearing from customers that they are constantly dealing with cyber-attacks, whether it’s a malicious insider looking to ‘exfiltrate’ data or an external entity coming in looking to attack your data. No matter what the situation, organisations must protect privileged accounts,” says Jonathan Cogley, founder and chief technology officer of Thycotic.

Thycotic provides an end to end solution that combines privileged account security and password protection with end point security and application control for Windows and Unix.

This lowers risks by stopping the progress of malware-based attacks at the endpoint and servers, limiting an attacker’s ability to move beyond their initial point of entry, as well as preventing installation of remote access tools (RATs).

Key product features include:

* Multiple layers of security for access management by IT admins, robust segregation of role-based duties and military-grade AES 256-bit encryption;

* Secret Server is built on the standard Microsoft stack, thus offering ease of installation and set-up;

* Designed and purpose-built for IT administrators, an intuitive, straightforward interface can be customised to suit individual preferences;

* High-availability disaster recovery options are supported using existing platforms, including load-balanced front-end application support, database clustering and Thycotic’s unlimited admin mode for “break the glass” scenarios;

* Support for large-scale distributed environments for on-premise and cloud deployments; and

* A seamless installation process via a Web GUI.

“Thycotic meets our criteria exactly by being a dynamic company that understands client needs and provides the appropriate software using Privilege Access Management. The company’s commitment to the channel and our region is also unrivalled,” Myroff says.