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Cloud monitoring from CA Technologies


To help IT operations executives adopting cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures maximize the value of their resources, CA Technologies has announced new capabilities in CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM).
Adding support for performance monitoring of Docker containers, PureStorage arrays, Nutanix hyperconverged systems and OpenStack cloud environments and additional capabilities for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructures, CA UIM offers coverage of currently available stand-alone IT monitoring solutions.
“Adopting a variety of cloud and dynamic infrastructures are a necessity in today’s application economy, but cost efficiencies and agility offered by these technologies are lost when operations staff have to learn and use multiple monitoring tools to identify potential performance issues,” says Heidi Ziegelmeier, CA Southern Africa’s business development manager.
“By providing insight across the performance of all of an organisation’s IT resources in a single and unified view, CA UIM gives users the power to choose the right mix of modern cloud enablement technologies that can best support new endeavours that can contribute to business growth.”
CA UIM encapsulates the complexity of hybrid infrastructures by providing end-to-end visibility across on-premises, private or public cloud based infrastructures through a single console.
The solution’s open, extensible architecture enables users to easily extend monitoring to new technologies or expand monitoring configurations of existing elements, thus eliminating the need to access and manage other monitoring tools that are brought in as new infrastructure technology is acquired.
Enhancements to CA UIM’s monitoring coverage of AWS cloud infrastructures include billing metrics and support for additional services that provide deeper, actionable insights on performance. Also, to further help organizations achieve better operational efficiency and lower administrative costs, CA UIM provides:
• * Service-centric and unified analytics capabilities that rapidly identify the root cause of performance issues, resulting in a faster mean time to repair and better end user experience.
• * Out-of-the-box support for more than 140 on-premises and cloud technologies.
• * Easy to use templates for configuring monitors that can be applied to groups of systems.
“In addition, to ensure the reliability of modern networks such as SDN/NFV that connect and scale today’s hybrid cloud environments, the company offers CA Virtual Network Assurance, which provides extended visibility via a single view of dynamic changes across the virtual and physical network stack to improve performance, productivity and agility while accelerating new service deployments.