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Pokemon Go uses augmented reality


The mobile phone game Pokemon GO, which uses augmented reality to guide gamers to rewards, was launched last week and has already got gamers out into the streets to find hidden Pokemons.

Although it is officially available only in the US, Australia and New Zealand, there are workarounds available that allow users in other geographies to play the game, which is available on iOS and Android.

Using augmented reality, users wander around looking for Pokemon character to collect, train and pit against one another – or exchange for rewards. They can also be used to annexe Pokemon Gyms.

Players are encouraged to join one of three “teams” that work together in an attempt to win territory.

Users are able to buy items that help them to find Pokemons – so, although the game is free to download, it’s not necessarily free to play.

So far, the jury is out on the physical aspects of the game: some parents are happy that their teens are getting out of the house and walking around; others are concerned about the safety aspects of walking around – or driving – while focusing on their phones.