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Wanted: junior FX traders


Khonology has once again launched its FX trader programme in search of local junior FX traders.
The programme is run in conjunction with prominent financial institution and will run for six months after which selected South African candidates will be successfully employed as junior FX traders.
The programme comes at the back of the successful 2014 FX trader campaign where five out of six sourced candidates were employed by the global investment bank and seven were employed by Khonology. Out of 1 200 relevant applications, 76 top candidates were filtered and 30 eventually interviewed.
Khonology CEO Michael Roberts says the last campaign attracted more than 1 500 applications nationwide. “We are looking for sharp thinking and positive individuals to participate in our FX trader programme.”
Successful candidates will undergo a six-week on-the-job selection and be trained by the Future Talent Academy through the Khono City FinTech training programme. The training uniquely integrates social intelligence, finance, economics and IT, developing competent and driven local FX traders.
However, the selection process will require candidates to participate in a round of interviews and pre-screening activities. The application process will include profiles, an assessment report and a two-minute video about who they are and why they are suitable for this opportunity.
“This is a real opportunity for the local youth to gain useful skills and experience. We need to start by educating society about FinTech and then provide employment through skilling competent youngsters with the right attitude,” Roberts says.