More than 250 Nuctech security scanners have been installed week ahead of the upcoming 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The scanners will be responsible for 90% of security checks at the Rio Games and acceptance testing by Brazil Judiciary will begin in preparation for over 1-million security checks throughout the events.
Nuctech scanners will provide security for the four major game venues – Barra, Deodoro, the Maracana and Copacabana – as well as the Olympic village, with over 2 000 local security staff trained in their operation. 100 000 spectators are expected to flock to the Maracana stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies alone.
Nuctech brings two major models to the Rio Olympics, the CX6040BI X-ray scanner for personal belongings and the CX100100T X-ray scanner for cargo checks. These two models both use a low radiation X-ray imaging system with upgraded X-ray generator, while an improved detector is able to scan at higher resolution with an accurate image algorithm.
An alarm will automatically go off if explosive items, hidden cameras or items that cannot be penetrated by the X-ray are detected and the system is capable of identifying and color coordinating both organic and inorganic items effectively. To ensure a safe environment for the Games, both the equipment and an onsite technical team will operate 24 hours a day.
“As a supplier of high-tech security products and services, Nuctech’s vision and ultimate goal is ‘creating a safer world’,” says Zhiqiang Chen, CEO of Nuctech.
“With the immense attention and participation of athletes and audiences from all over the world, Nuctech is honored and more than willing to dedicate our best security services for such a prestigious international event.”