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Google’s Duo available today in SA


Google’s video calling app Duo has gone live today in app stores globally, including in South Africa. The video calling app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
Duo works off the user’s phone number and provides simple one-to-one video calling that brings the user face to face others, without needing to sign up for a Google account.
The app’s Knock Knock feature gives a preview of incoming calls from your contacts, so users can see what’s up before they answer the call (this feature can be switched off, and only works on iOS if the app is already open on the user’s phone).
Duo works on WiFi and cellular networks, and will hand over a call from one to the other – so if a user is on a call and move out of WiFi range, it’ll move onto the cellular network, or vice versa, with no intervention.
Google has optimised Duo to connect faster than other video apps, and to ensure it stays in sync, even on slower networks like 2G. All calls are encrypted end to end, making them secure from start to finish.