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Kaspersky Lab offers businesses security advice


At the 2016 IDC IT Security Roadshow, that is to take place on the 18th of August 2016 in Johannesburg, a global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, will focus on providing businesses of all sizes with key advice on important IT security measures they should take, considering the continued evolution of technology and development of cyberthreats.
Says Riaan Badenhorst, MD of Kaspersky Lab Africa: “South African companies must contend with the rapid digitisation of business. Cloud computing, Virtualisation and BYOD are just some of the shifts taking place, and this digital business landscape sees organisations face a myriad of security threats and challenges. Considering this, it is no longer good enough to merely be reactive towards such risks. Instead, decision-makers, locally, need to embrace a more pro-active strategy to IT security in the digitised world.”
Given how technology has saturated virtually every aspect of business and the complete connectivity that the digital world demands, cyber security risks are a reality for businesses today.  In fact, Kaspersky Lab research shows that nine out of ten companies that took part in a worldwide survey (including South Africa) reported experiencing at least one security threat in 2015 – from malware or a lost mobile device to fraud or targeted attacks. As a result of digitisation the challenge of IT security is no longer restricted to IT alone – if the systems of a company become compromised, the entire organisation is at risk.
As part of the presentation at the IDC IT Security Roadshow 2016, Kaspersky Lab will highlight some of the IT security risk that businesses of all sizes are faced with in the digital world of today. The company will also provide insight into effective solutions that can help organisations address complex IT security challenges – to ensure their business processes run continuously and that business critical data is safe.
At its exhibition stand, Kaspersky Lab will also be showcasing solutions that enterprises can make use of, depending on their needs; from award-winning Endpoint Security products to the new Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack and Security Intelligence Services, and Kaspersky Fraud Prevention. Small and medium sized companies and Managed Service Providers who work with them will also be able to gain key insight into how to arrange their IT security in the most optimal way, so that it is highly-effective and easily manageable from the cloud.
“Cyber-attacks are inevitable, with breaches happening more often, without companies even knowing – until the damage is severe. Considering this, and the fact that operating within a digital environment is the reality of the business world today, finding a cyber security approach that takes care of fundamental corporate protection should be a key priority for all businesses in South Africa – as such a focus can often mean the difference between growing the business or closing the doors due to unforeseen cyber-attacks. Businesses must be prepared,” concludes Badenhorst.