Specialist ICT services provider Adapt IT has partnered with Yellowfin in order to enhance its offering with a world-class BI solution.
The company, which has been providing complete and integrated business intelligence (BI) solutions to its clients for over 14 years, has formed strategic partnerships with the world’s leading technology and business software providers in order to provide customers with robust, reliable and enduring solutions, and Yellowfin is the latest such partnership to enhance Adapt IT’s solution set.
“Together with our strategic technology partners, we have cemented a solid reputation and become a trusted advisor to South Africa’s leading businesses across a wide range of industries,” says Leon Breedt, senior executive business solutions at Adapt IT. “In an ever-changing and increasingly competitive global business environment, it has never been more important for organisations to have information that allows them to optimise processes, identify risks and drive decision-making. BI as a strategic tool is thus a critical element of any successful business.”
He adds that Adapt IT’s mission is to help clients to draw meaningful and actionable insights from their operational data by helping them to transform their data into timely, valuable knowledge through effective analytics solutions that enable smart decision making.
“Our solutions do not conform to a one-size-fits-all philosophy. We collaborate with a diverse array of technology partners such as Yellowfin to deliver the most appropriate solution for each of our client’s unique business needs.”
Yellowfin, a recognised international leader in BI, has been measured among the world’s elite BI vendors by leading analyst firms. Created with a focus on the user experience and the development of easy-to-use web-based interfaces, Yellowfin makes BI easy, says Gustav Piater, marketing and sales director of Yellowfin South Africa.
“We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to better understand their needs and the shifting technology landscape, and the ease of business we enable is matched only by the ease of use that is the foundation of Yellowfin’s BI solution. This is borne out by the fact that Yellowfin boasts over 2 000 000 end-users and tens of thousands of clients in over 70 countries.”
According to Breedt, the fact that Yellowfin is extremely easy to implement and easy to use is just one of the reasons Adapt IT chose to add it to its portfolio. “Yellowfin was selected as a partner based on the technology, scalability, self-service, price point and global experience it offers.
“It is a world-class solution with cross industry experience and a growing global user base. Yellowfin South Africa offers extremely professional service with great client focus. All of these factors combined informed our decision to partner with Yellowfin.”
Piater adds that Yellowfin South Africa is pleased to be able to assist Adapt IT in providing its customers with a comprehensive BI offering. “Yellowfin has been built to enable business users to get the BI content they need without having to turn into overnight BI experts or data analysts. We are looking forward to helping Adapt IT bring BI built for business to its customers,” he says.
“Adapt IT is driving ahead with its strategy of becoming the BI partner of choice and Yellowfin as a trusted technology partner will become a key product offering within this strategy,” Breedt concludes.