Global network provider EOH Carrier Services has selected NewTelco SA as its service partner for the establishment of a new international Point of Presence (PoP) in Amsterdam.
The selection was made following a decision to move one of the three PoPs already held by EOH Carrier Services in London to Amsterdam to address issues of redundancy and increase the company’s global connectivity footprint to better service the market.

EOH Carrier Services supplies local and international connectivity on a global scale, as well as metro fibre and wireless access, in addition to services like voice minute termination, optimisation and bandwidth management to licenced carriers.

“NewTelco SA provided the remote support we needed in order to make the transition from London to Amsterdam a smooth one,” says Darren Grobler, head of EOH Carrier Services. “From our partnership we draw on the flexibility that comes from NewTelco SA having their own people on the ground in Europe, as well as their reliability.  We know that their technical people are able to respond within half an hour, which put our minds at ease through the move and New TelcoSA has managed everything exceptionally well.  We’ve also made extensive use of NewTelco SA’s existing relationships and contracts with all the European data centres and logistics providers in order to execute the move.

“As a wholesale network provider, EOH Carrier Solutions already had three PoPs in London, which is one of Europe’s biggest telecommunications hubs where all networks come together. The decision to move one PoP to Amsterdam was undertaken to address issues of redundancy and a strategic move in terms of location. Amsterdam provides an expedient PoP for network partners which means these players are now able to connect with Eastern and Western European as well as Russian markets.”

A PoP is the physical location at which undersea and terrestrial cables terminate and is an important part of connecting businesses and people to the Internet.

“By outsourcing all the service management to New TelcoSA, from logistics to remote hands support, EOH is better able to manage the costs of their point of presence in Amsterdam,” explains Eckart Zollner, head of Business Development at NewTelco SA.