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Software AG has released details of its agenda to support and further develop its Adabas and Natural product portfolio until beyond the year 2050.
This industry move is in response to a recent independent survey highlighting that 98 percent of Adabas & Natural customers base their strategic, mission or business critical business applications on the high-performance platform.
By leveraging its full range of digitalization capabilities to Adabas & Natural enterprise applications, Software AG is launching a radically extended services portfolio. It is designed to complement customer resources in addressing the generational change being faced by the software industry. Software AG also announced the acquisition of Redmond, Washington State based partner CONNX Solutions, widening its agenda by including strategic partner technology in the area of data integration and replication.
“Adabas & Natural 2050 is a fully customer centric response to the strategic value and relevance of our customers’ enterprise applications and the many billions of euro investments they represent,” says Chief Customer Officer, Eric Duffaut. “But we go further. The entire software industry is facing a generational change and a possible shortage in the skills and experience needed to support and extend decades of enterprise application development. We have responded to this challenge and want to support our Adabas & Natural customers in the long run – beyond 2050.”
To address the generational change and any resource shortages – no matter how temporary that is – Software AG has established a comprehensive Adabas & Natural service portfolio to support customers in training new talents, as well as modernizing, managing and operating their applications. The recently launched Adabas & Natural Managed Services program provides everything that is needed to protect investments and securely extend the life-cycle of mission-critical applications – using services such as remote DBA, application maintenance or operation support.
“Customers have being successfully developing and running high-performant, mission critical applications with Adabas & Natural for over 40 years”, said Software AG CTO, Dr. Wolfram Jost. “Our agenda to further innovate and extend Adabas & Natural, to play a strategic part in enterprise digitalisation, means that we aim to provide customers with a single, integrated platform to develop the next generation of business applications ready for any future business demands”.”
New Adabas & Natural product releases and capabilities underline this intention as outlined in a recent statement of direction for 2015-2020 including:
• Mobile: Adding responsive Web design capabilities to quickly develop mobile-optimized Web/AJAX applications with Natural

• Big Data: Replicate Adabas data in real-time into Terracotta In-memory to enable internet scale applications and services. And the integration with Apama Streaming Analytics to develop analytic solutions with real-time insights and decisions.

• DevOps: Extended capabilities to improve DevOps tasks in the Eclipse-based NaturalONE (e.g. GIT support, profiling, testing)

In this context, Software AG also announced the acquisition of CONNX Solutions who provides critical technology in the area of data integration and replication for Adabas & Natural customers. CONNX Solutions, based in Redmond WA, has been a successful OEM partner of Software AG for over 10 years with broad adoption within the Adabas & Natural customer base. The acquisition is driven by the intention to fully secure access to this technology in the light of the 2050 agenda. In addition, Software AG customers gain access to the full range of CONNX Solution technologies. The acquisition closed on July 31st.
“CONNX Solutions has been partnering with Software AG for over a decade to provide mission-critical SQL access and integration solutions for Software AG’s customers,” says Douglas Wright, President and CEO of CONNX Solutions. “Software AG’s acquisition of CONNX Solutions demonstrates its agenda to implement Adabas & Natural beyond 2050 by securing these solutions.”