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As the start of a strategic content play, Cell C has partnered with Bl!nk Pictures to launch what it believes is a global-first reality show rooted in unearthing the next online sensation.
Called, #BreakTheNet (#BTN), the talent search show is challenging the typical way in which television content is produced and consumed and is Cell C’s first foray into content production for a future content delivery platform.
“How and where content is delivered to consumers is changing dramatically in South Africa as Internet access becomes more pervasive. As an innovator, Cell C is taking its first steps into playing a role in the production and delivery of incredible content,” says Cell C CEO, Jose Dos Santos.
#BTN represents a combination of traditional creative television and the cutting edge content offerings available to the YouTube generation.
“#BreakTheNet represents a ground-breaking departure from the way in which we create and deliver content. In the move towards a digital world, it’s becoming more and more apparent that if it doesn’t exist on your smart phone, it doesn’t exist at all,” says Bl!nk Pictures director, Odette Schwegler.
Millennials are now watching as much YouTube as they do TV, and a large segment of the South African population are consuming content delivered through online platforms.
“We feel that the time is right to begin delivering incredible content through new channels. We have specifically designed the Cell C Reality App to enable customers to be able to easily participate and for the rest to view and be part of this exciting new reality show,” says Dos Santos.
From tomorrow (15 September), South Africans will be called on to submit their entry to stand a chance to become one of 30 contestants on the show, which will be broadcast from Sunday 16 October until Sunday 11 December 2016.
Participating contestants will be given a task to include in the filming of their videos and will be selected to continue week by week based on the number of views that they receive for each video.
“Contestants will have 48 hours to deliver on each challenge. The number of views determines who stays. The aim is to go viral,” says Schwegler.
#BTN is driven by a host of social media celebrities, who will form the backbone of the talent search, offering mentorship to contestants, while delivering on the star quality any good reality show requires.
Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues will anchor the show, with Whackhead Simpson portraying the Task Master. The mentors include South Africa’s well-known YouTube star, Suzelle DIY, who joins Instagrammer Ofentse Mwase and online personality Theodora Lee. South African Actor Blessing Xaba will participate as a “celebrity” contestant.
Prospective participants will be able to view the entry task and the terms and conditions of participation by downloading the Cell C Reality App on either the Apple App store or the Google Play store. Viewers will also be able to watch the show weekly and customers will be able to participate in the Reality Show, all while winning great prizes.
The only way to enter is via the Cell C Reality App. Entries open on 15 September and will close on Saturday 15 October 2016. The first of the shows kicks off at 7pm on Sunday 23 October on the Cell C Channel on YouTube. From then on viewers will be able to watch a digital flow of content 24/7 from the weekly shows, to tasks, to behind the scenes clips and celeb one-on-one interviews. Viewers can also win great Cell C prizes by interacting. Click, watch, share and win, via the app.
The 30 participating contestants stand a chance to win a quarter of a million rand, as well as, an all-expenses-paid trip to Hollywood, Los Angeles.
“We have extended access to the show and the Cell C Reality App for #BTN to any customer on any local network, however you need to be on Cell C to get access to free data to be used in the App and more great prizes. This is just the first step for Cell C into this arena and as a business, we plan on taking it by storm,” says Dos Santos.