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What do millennials do for fun?


Millennial consumers have been the subject of more comment and analysis than any generation since the dawn of market research. But until now, no wide-ranging survey had used the method best suited to engaging them: questioning them via smartphone app.

Usingg MFourDIY,  an all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey platform, researchers obtained 1 000 validated responses within two hours from millennials on the million-member active panel that uses the Surveys on the Go smartphone app.

The 30-question survey covered Entertainment, Money & Finance and Technology & Lifestyles, giving a demographically representative picture of the US millennial population by sex, age, race/ethnicity, income and employment status.

Among the insights gained on Entertainment is:

* Streaming is king: Streamed programming is the most frequent viewing choice for 58% of millennials – more than double the 28% who most often watch cable or satellite TV. And only 18,5 % of millennials who are 18 to 29 years old say cable/satellite TV is their first choice, compared to 37% for those who are 30 to 36.

* Binge watching is huge: By nearly four to one (78% to 22%), millennials prefer a television series to be released all at once, rather than having to wait for a weekly episode over the course of a season. A massive 68% had binged on TV during the past month; 53% during the previous week.

* Music downloads are going mobile: More than half of millennials (56%) said they had downloaded music straight to a mobile device within the past month; 43% had downloaded directly to desktops/laptops. African Americans were especially active music downloaders – 69% direct to mobile and 53% to PCs.

* Opting out of going out: More than half (57%) of millennials had not been to a movie theatre in the past month, and 82,5% had not been to a live concert.

* Smartphone viewing second only to TV: 91% of millennials said they access entertainment on a television screen, with mobile phones second at 73%, followed by desktops/laptops (63%) and tablets (47%). Millennials who are 18 to 24 are more engaged than older millennials in watching on smartphones (74% vs. 69%).