The adoption of enterprise mobility (EM) and cloud services by businesses in South Africa is helping to drive digital transformation initiatives in the country, according to a report from International Data Corporation (IDC), sponsored by Avaya.
Cloud services in particular are helping to provide the scale and cost advantages that allow DX to take place “smoothly and efficiently,” IDC said in its white paper, “The Path to Digital Transformation in EMEA and APAC”.
According to the IDC CIO Summit Survey for 2016, 27% of enterprises in South Africa have already implemented EM solutions, with another 35% planning to do so this year.
Banking and insurance companies, and the major telecom operators, are among the leaders in DX efforts, according to the IDC white paper, with some banks having already announced plans to reduce physical branches and focus more heavily on digital channels.
All major telecom operators have also made their digital channels key aspects of the customer engagement and sales activities, IDC said, highlighting a “discernable shift” to digital channels across South Africa.
Enterprises in South Africa still need to master and leverage DX for competitive advantage, according to the white paper, with 30% of businesses still not having any immediate plans for DX in place.
However, with some companies announcing innovative offerings, such as the planned launch of a digital-channel only retail bank, IDC anticipates “significant” disruption to existing business models. Increased adoption of emerging technologies – such as greater use of the Internet of Things – will also drive organisations’ digital agendas, IDC said.
“In today’s fast-paced world, the only constant is change. To remain relevant, enterprises must move at customer-speed, embrace the opportunities created by digital disruption and seize the first mover’s advantage in their respective domains. Organisations that stay ahead of the digital transformation curve will accelerate growth and increase stakeholder value. Avaya is changing the way that companies deliver multi-touch experiences to customers, with solutions that help businesses thrive in this new digital world,” says Danny Drew, MD of Avaya South Africa.
Avaya is working with private and public-sector organizations in South Africa to help them achieve their digital transformation objectives, with solutions and services customised for its local customers.