IDC found in its recent MarketScape and Vendor Snapshot reports that Ricoh is a leader of the global document workflow services industry because of its commitment to scalable, end-to-end solutions for customer pain points around paper and digital document management.
The two reports are named MarketScape: Worldwide Document Workflow Services Hardcopy 2016 Vendor Assessment, and IDC Vendor Snapshot 2016: Ricoh on Document Workflow Services, respectively.
The Snapshot assesses Ricoh’s strategy to capitalise on current document workflow services trends identified in its recent briefing with IDC. Ricoh has been a Leader in IDC MarketScapes looking at managed print and document services and its evolution to document workflow services for the past six years.
The Snapshot report focuses on Ricoh’s commitment to its services-led model and how the company has increased its efforts to standardise its portfolio for customers around the globe. In it, IDC analysts note Ricoh’s deep emphasis on understanding the customer’s environment, processes and pain points as part of a customer-centric approach.
“Ricoh SA, as part of the global Ricoh team, is committed to customer centricity,” says Jacques van Wyk, COO of Ricoh SA. “Our focus here in South Africa has led to a dramatic increase in our services-led offerings as a fundamental shift away from product, as well as sharpening our operational processes, consolidation of shared services, and business process automation. Additionally, we rigorously adhere with global corporate accounts where they have operations in South Africa, to ensure consistent service levels with the rest of Ricoh’s global operations.”
“In looking at Ricoh’s strategy, we can see Ricoh’s commitment to addressing market workflow needs through a wide variety of solutions and services adjacent to its established hardware business,” says Robert Palmer, Research Director, Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions, IDC. “Where Ricoh truly shines is its commitment to matching its solutions to customer pain points, providing end-to-end improvements. It does so by leveraging its insight and expertise to uncover, identify and address customer pain points across verticals and horizontals. Leveraging an extensive portfolio also enables Ricoh to address a wide variety of needs.”
According to the IDC MarketScape report: “Ricoh is focused on delivering value-add services …and its solutions approach allows for the flexibility needed to fully satisfy customers at various stages of maturity along the digital path.” This customer-centric approach helps leverage Ricoh’s expertise – via partnerships, acquisitions, industry experience and training – at a consistently high level of quality around the world. The IDC MarketScape also notes Ricoh’s “global strategy that is locally led” and “key strength” of global delivery capabilities. The report adds, “Ricoh’s broad product range combined with its burgeoning IT infrastructure services and professional services organization provide an extensive selection of resources from which to craft industry-specific and horizontal solutions.”
“As we strive to guide our customers toward new efficiencies, business growth and reduced costs, we are proud to see our strategy resonating with the industry experts at IDC,” says Carsten Bruhn, Group VP and GM of Business Services Center, Ricoh Company. “We know that the future of work is in having the best people, processes and technologies in place to help ensure growth and success. A big part of that, for us, is working to make sure we have the best of these factors working in concert to understand our customers’ environments and address their pain points, holistically and effectively.”