Big technology and Internet solutions ensuresthat businesses are protected from costly downtime, missed trades, and delayed communications. Developments in satellite technology allow for reach beyond the limitations of terrestrial networks, helping to bridge the digital divide in Africa.
“With only 16% of Africa’s one billion people online, the continent is set to go digital. This is evident in Africa’s major cities, where consumers have increased disposable income and more than half have internet-capable devices,” says Avanti Communications CEO, David Williams.
Outside of the urban areas broadband penetration is low, mobile network coverage is fickle and it is too costly or time consuming to lay terrestrial communications infrastructure. When there is connectivity available, it is often susceptible to delays, congestion, outages or even vandalism and theft, as was recently seen when once of the cables experienced a fault. These challenges can result in a variety of business inefficiencies as well as the financial implications of loss of trade.
Satellite broadband provides a complementary offering to terrestrial connectivity as it overcomes the reach and timeline issues by has allowing for instantaneous and reliable communication between companies, customers and suppliers, and increases the speed of business tasks and order processing.
Satellite connectivity is not expensive, he says, and with Avanti Communications providing ubiquitous connectivity across Africa, it is a consistent, reliable and complementary alternative to current connectivity options.
Readily available high-speed satellite broadband can result in smoother day-to-day operations for these remote businesses and sectors and with 100% reach over South Africa. The ability to communicate via phone, email, or Skype from any location with other sites and business partners means that jobs are finished quicker and businesses can operate at a faster pace.
“The always on, far reaching instantaneous elements of satellite connectivity means that businesses are allowed a competitive edge, helping make operating a business possible where it historically wouldn’t have been,” adds Williams.
It will drive social transformation, economic growth, have an impact on education, government, key industries and help small businesses advance their offering and generate new forms of income as Satellite communication facilitates access to the growing number of e-learning programmes, e-health centres, schools and training facilities.
Skills development and information sharing is now at the fingertips of business owners and employees, improving their skill-sets and allowing for increased efficiency a new approach to their businesses.
“Avanti’s pioneering satellite technology has already started the ‘new economics of broadband’ by helping governments and network operators across Africa accelerate their roll out of broadband – connecting more enterprises, SMEs and consumers,” Williams says.