Redstor, a specialist cloud software and backup services provider, says an offsite, isolated data backup regime is the only sure-fire way of recovering from a ransomware attack.
The company has initiated a comprehensive user awareness campaign centred on the rollout of its InstantData data recovery solution as part of a backup regime to adequately protect data and recover quickly from a ransomware attack.
Redstor defines Ransomware as malicious software that infects a computer, network or data.
There are four common ways that ransomware can gain access to computers: spam emails, infected removable drives, being bundled with other software or accessing compromised webpages.
In today’s connected age with practices like BYOD, mobile devices, wearables and personal drives, organisations’ networks are more vulnerable than ever.
“Your computer will either be locked or your data encrypted, held hostage, and the only way you can regain access is by paying a ‘ransom’,” says Danie Marais, founder of the software division at Redstor.
Redstor says in the event of an attack, it may seem the easiest course of action is to simply pay the ransom – but this is not always effective because not all ransomware criminals behave as expected.
“The decryption might fail or a second higher ransom fee might be demanded, resulting in your organisation losing more than just the ransom money. Loss of revenue and the reputational damage caused by delayed operations and service delivery, not to mention lost data, could be irreparable,” Marais continues.
“Protecting against ransomware is your first line of defence. Unfortunately, ransomware protection is not always effective. Malware is continually evolving and anti-virus/anti-malware software is struggling to keep up. Once an infection has occurred, removing the ransomware is highly unlikely,” Marais adds.
It is for this reason Redstor strongly recommends businesses ensure their ability to recover from an attack. However, as the company explains, without an isolated, up-to-date backup of data, IT systems will have no previous working state to revert to and payment may be the last remaining option.
“By having up-to-date data backups your recovery will be swift and all traces of the initial ransomware infection can be erased,” says Marais.
Redstor is rounding up its expertise and positioning these to support the rollout of its e-book to make the market aware of the realities of ransomware and what needs to happen in the inevitable event of an attack.
The company’s philosophy in backing this digital information campaign is ‘prevention is good, protection is better and backup is a must’.
The e-book will advise how best to use a comprehensive backup regime to ensure the safety of data and to recover from a ransomware attack.