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Vox debuts uncapped wireless for data, voice


Vox has launched Fat Pipe Wireless, an uncapped wireless data and voice service for homeowners and small businesses.
Fat Pipe Wireless for Home provides an uncapped, symmetrical and high speed data service that is ideal for homes and small office, home office (Soho) setups, and is conveniently bundled with an uncapped voice service.
Jacques Visser, senior product manager at Vox, comments: “While mobile operators and MVNOs are launching attractive mobile bundles for end users to keep them connected on the move, this service closes the loop and creates a cost effective and convenient WiFi hub at home, or in the office.”
Vox conducted two proof of concepts, one in Heidelberg (to test the service in a smaller town) and the other in Krugersdorp (a larger metro) and has gone on to establish broader availability of the service.
“The feedback from the POC process has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are excited about broadening the reach of this wireless broadband service,” adds Visser.
“Downtime on ADSL was having a negative impact on my ability to work from home, so when the Vox agency in Heidelberg offered the Fat Pipe Wireless package, I took advantage of it, because I knew I had nothing to lose,” says Nardus Grobler, a software analyst for a large insurance company and based in Heidelberg. “The 8Mbps Uncapped package costs me less than what I paid for my 4Mbps ADSL line and it took four working days to move from a site survey to installation.”
The company believes its wireless broadband solution is a viable alternative to fibre, especially in those regions of the country outside of the major metros, and has identified a number of smaller cities and towns such as Richard’s Bay, Durban, Heidelberg, Krugersdorp and Vryheid (among others) that stand to benefit the most.
“The beauty of wireless connectivity is that you don’t have to wait for trenching,” Visser points out. “It is as easy as selecting your line speed, and voice line requirements.”
Grobler adds: “Fat Pipe Wireless is one of the few products that promise 8Mbps, and deliver it. Fast, reliable internet means I can work, and participate in online gaming with little to no downtime. I would recommend this connectivity solution to anyone looking for a cost effective and reliable alternative to ADSL.”