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Intel has launched a new generation of Intel Atom processor, the Intel Atom processor E3900 series, designed from the ground up to support the rapid development and the growing complexity of Internet of Things (IoT) businesses.
The Intel Atom processor E3900 Series delivers excellent performance and a set of features for the edge in segments such as industrial, automotive, video, manufacturing, retail, and more. Intel is also offering an automotive grade processor specifically to address in-vehicle experiences called the Intel Atom processor A3900 series.
IoT is expected to be a multi-trillion-dollar market, with 50-billion devices creating 44 zettabytes (or 44-trillion Gb) of data annually by 2020. This will require much more processing power at the edge in order to maintain viability, and the new Intel Atom processor E3900 series will be used across industries to realize the full potential of IoT.
Key improvements include:
* Excellent CPU performance, fast GFX and media, image processing and Intel Time Coordinated Computing Technology (Intel TCC Technology).
* Achieves new levels of security, determinism, and image and video processing power in a compact form factor.
* Delivers ability to handle more sensors and tasks across extended temperatures (from about -40 to 85 degrees Celsius), which is especially critical for industrial use cases.
* Keeps systems of devices in sync in reduced latency across a wide variety of applications.
The Intel Atom processor E3900 series delivers 1,7-times more computing power compared to the previous generation3 at the edge of IoT operations, for faster memory speeds and memory bandwidth. Built into a compact flip chip ball grid array (FCBGA) and featuring Intel’s latest 14 nanometer silicon technology, it is an excellent fit for a wide range of IoT applications when scalable performance, space and power are at a premium.
The processor offers powerful graphics and media capabilities in a flexible package, opening new opportunities for those creating systems for media-rich applications. It features a new graphics engine that improves 3D graphics performance by 2,9-times compared to the previous generation, offers outstanding video capabilities. It also features enhanced image processing with colour processing and multi-frame technology.
Intel TCC Technology synchronizes peripherals and networks of connected devices, achieving determinism. It also resolves latency issues in applications, such as robotics manufacturing, by enabling 1 microsecond timing accuracy across the network.
The Intel Atom processor E3900 series will make the edge and fog more intelligent – enabling many of the processing needs to take place right at the edge or fog level and alleviating the need to push all data processing to the data centre. For example, in traffic cams and sensor data, there are significant downsides to sending the data to a server to be processed, including loss due to video compression and time spent in data travelling, versus having the ability to process data at the device.