Last year, more than 205-billion emails were sent each day and this will rise by 5% in 2016, which proves that email remains a cornerstone of modern communications and its importance cannot be underestimated.
With this, Veeam Software has announced that initial interest for its newest solution, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, has exceeded initial expectations with more than 1,500 beta downloads in a matter of days, showing customers are eager to take control of their Office 365 Exchange Online data.
With nearly 100-million users and more than 85% share of enterprise cloud deployments, Office 365 is changing the face of how IT manages and maintains their email systems, delivering unprecedented flexibility and scalability. Office 365 enables an enterprise to work anywhere and at any time without the need to maintain its own email infrastructure. However, it does not replace the need to have a local backup of email data. With Office 365, the data is owned and controlled by the business so the business is also responsible for protecting it.
“Many commentators predict email’s death in the new social age, but it’s clear that email is still one of the most critical forms of communication on the planet, especially in the corporate environment,” says Peter McKay, president and chief operating officer at Veeam. “Blending Microsoft’s historic dominance in the email space with cloud’s promise to save IT departments time, resources and cost, it’s easy to bet on Office 365 as the email platform of the future.
“While no longer needing to manage and maintain email-related systems is a breath of fresh air for IT departments everywhere, it’s critical to remember that it’s still their [the business’] data — they control it — and it’s their responsibility to protect it. The business reigns over the availability of their data, and with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 we’re giving them the tool to do just that for Office 365 Exchange Online.”
Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 mitigates the risk of losing access to email data and ensures email data Availability to users and the business.
With this product, customers can:
* Securely backup Office 365 email data back to their environment.
* Quickly recover individual mailbox items with best-of-breed granularity.
* Efficiently perform eDiscovery of email archives with advanced search capabilities and flexible recovery and export options.
Integrated with Veeam Backup & Replication, this new product also allows users with hybrid environments to easily migrate mailbox data between Office 365 and on-premises Exchange as well as back up and manage users across a hybrid cloud email deployment.