Huawei has embraced this year’s AfricaCom theme of “Building a Better Connected Africa”, showcasing a range of solutions such as narrow-band Internet of Things (NB-IoT), smart home, cloud, video, SDN/NFV, safe city and all.
By 2021, mobile broadband data traffic in Africa is expected to increase by at least 26-fold, driven mainly by applications such as video, IoT and by connecting the unconnected population.
Leveraging a broad portfolio of ICT infrastructure products, Huawei’s cloud services solutions like Digital InCloud and Video Cloud provide the reliability, agility and price-performance needed to deliver applications and services quickly, safely, and securely.
Through its cloud platform, and opening basic video capabilities, Huawei Video Solutions enables customers to develop video services in the quickest manner, deliver user experiences at a low cost.
Huawei Video Cloud will help customers to quickly bring video services online, reduces the time to market, while ensuring a good user experience and data security. Video Cloud supports multiple service scenarios, assisting customers in quick commercial use of video services, promoting industry cooperation and building a win-win video ecosystem based on increasingly open video capabilities.
Huawei’s IoT solutions, which are currently being launched by many carriers in Africa, will drive the digital transformation of carriers’ broadband services by making the world of connected things a reality. Huawei’s LTE-based narrow-broadband IoT (NB-IoT) technology will enable telecom operators in the region to deliver ubiquitous, cellular IoT.
This technology will spark new business opportunities in smart metering, smart parking, logistics tracking, and smart cities in Africa.
Huawei’s Smart Home solution features a flexible architecture and access independence, plus incorporates a smart home gateway to connect various smart home appliances, and an IoT connection management platform is required to enable various applications.
Huawei has developed solutions for home health, entertainment, security, and home automation, which promote a safer, happier, and more comfortable and convenient lifestyle. These solutions are designed assist operators to transform from traditional home broadband services to provide intelligent home services.
Huawei Marine in partnership with 20 carriers to build eight new submarine cables systems and upgrade two existing systems in Africa to provide better international data access for 15 countries. Huawei Marine is currently deploying the 6 000km repeatered South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL) system between Cameroon and Brazil, enabling connectivity for up to 198-million people.
Huawei complements its products with a range of services, including ICT investment planning, top-level consulting, and ICT infrastructure prioritisation to accelerate digital transformation within different African countries and industries, and promote thriving digital economies.
Li Peng, southern Africa region president of Huawei, comments: “This year Huawei has demonstrated that it is best positioned to play a pivotal role in supporting digital transformation and development of ICT in Africa.
“Today, we see that behind a globally competitive connectivity is a strong, collaborative industry chain with high levels of technological convergence and industry integration Huawei looks forward to working closely with industries and academia in the continent to create a better connected Africa.”