Huawei has launched its new hybrid video solution, Huawei Envision, which is designed to assist carriers in developing video as a fundamental service and helps them achieve success in this area.
Huawei’s Video Cloud solution enables telcos to develop video services quickly, with a good user experience and at a lower cost. Using Huawei Video Cloud, they can quickly bring video services online, reducing the TTM to one week, and cutting down in the infrastructure required by about 90%.
Video Cloud supports multiple service scenarios, including cloud live broadcast, cloud VOD, cloud TV games, celebrity or games live broadcast, multi-screen interaction, remote health care, and online education, reducing the costs of on-premise video platform and content delivery network infrastructure construction. This assists customers in the quick commercial use of video services, promotes industry cooperation and builds a win-win video ecosystem based on increasingly open video capabilities.
Wilson Feng, vice-president of Huawei Southern Africa region, comments: “Nowadays video services are not just an intrinsic part of telecommunications services, but also a standard feature. Video should be positioned as a basic service for operators.”
According to figures presented by Huawei, video is already the dominant content type on many mobile networks, accounting for more than 50% of all traffic. In the coming years, that figure is expected to grow to more than 80% as video becomes a more integral part of life with the rise of VR and mobile video.