At a time when quality education is becoming unaffordable, private tutoring is emerging as a flexible and affordable education resource. The flexible nature of tutoring allows parents to book tutoring sessions that fit their pockets.
A group of young entrepreneurs have launched an app that could be the saving grace for many parents and students. This comes just weeks before the much dreaded final exams, a time of sleepless nights, anxiety and generally poor health.
Now coined the Uber of private tutoring, Cognition.Online is an app-based platform on iOS and Android that performs matches between student demand and tutor supply on a price the market defines. The app is packed with ground breaking features to connect students and tutors in a unique way.
Cognition.Online director Kyle Dodds says Cognition.Online will allow students and tutors to connect in meaningful ways from anywhere and more efficiently than in the past. “You request a lesson, we get it in front of the right tutors, they bid, you choose, pay and get better marks.”
Individualised learning to complement traditional in-class learning is growing in popularity among parents, educators and schools. One-on-one mentorship is also fast becoming an alternative to producing high levels of academic achievement.
“Preparing throughout the year is the most effective way to do well on your final exams, there is just no shortcut for knowing the material. However, even if it’s the night before your final exam and you’re feeling unprepared, don’t panic, we have the solution,” he explains.
Dodds says finding the right tutor online could help you pass your exams. “Using our intuitive system, it merely takes a moment to request a lesson based on all the necessary information.”
Tutors that meet the requirements are then able to actively apply for these requested lessons. Based on previous ratings from other students and the tutor’s profile, a student is able to select from the list of tutors.
“With Cognition.Online, tutors and students are able to connect based on their location. Innovative pairing ensures available tutors fit your criteria and will then be able to apply for the job. It’s just up to you to choose who you would like,” he says.
To ensure a high level of competence, all tutors are screened and approved. The app allows available tutors to apply for lessons Instead of students sifting through lists of unavailable tutors.
Cognition.Online has kept the process of booking a tutor as simple as possible, in a few simple steps one is able to have a tutor,” he concludes.