AfriFoon has become the first one-stop cell phone service to offer cell phone services exclusively in Afrikaans.
In addition, customers will have the option of month to month or post-paid packages, including debit order facilities, a wide choice of premium handsets as well as benefiting from promotions such as the current cash back promotion.
Beatrice Pretorius, spokesperson for AfriFoon, explains that the company aims to expand and promote Afrikaans in the telecommunications industry. The AfriFoon cell phone service is enabled by GloCell and functions on the Cell C network.
“This is an historic day in the telecommunications industry, as AfriFoon is the first of its kind in South Africa. It is a privilege to be the first one-stop cell phone service in the world to offer the complete service exclusively in Afrikaans. This will make an important contribution to the promotion of Afrikaans, especially in the technology sector,” says Pretorius.
During the promotional launch period, AfriFoon gives 5% discount to all AfriForum members. The discount can either be donated to an education trust founded to empower Afrikaans-speaking people through education, or subscribers can choose to have the discount subtracted from their personal account.
“The education trust is a wonderful AfriFoon initiative. We also encourage subscribers to support this initiative by donating their 5% discount to the trust.”
People who are interested in a free quotation can SMS their names to 45114 (R1 per SMS), after which AfriFoon will call back.