CallCabinet and virtual PBX platform wholesaler Contineo Virtual Communications have combined forces to offer the local channel a plug-and-play compliant call recording solution for the enterprise market, based on CallCabinet’s cloud-based Atmos.
Laurent Pieton, director at Contineo, says the high-level solution providers that form Contineo’s channel now have access to a quick and easy and – most importantly – compliant call recording solution that can be deployed in minutes.
Contineo specialises in offering services in the cloud in a managed environment.
“We had been hearing a lot about CallCabinet in the market, and had been looking for an alternative to the call recording product we’d been offering to the channel. CallCabinet addressed our requirements of local support, flexible and scalable capacity management and legal compliance. We are a strong BroadSoft house, and CallCabinet has integrated Atmos into Broadsoft specifically for us, so it is a ready-made solution,” Pieton says.
“Storage of call recordings is generally a challenge from a capacity planning perspective, but as Atmos has been specifically built for the cloud it inherently offers flexible storage. Customers simply select the storage packages that best suits their needs and retention policies. As a result, it is also an easy product for the channel to motivate to their customers in the enterprise space,” he adds.
Atmos is a flexible, cloud-based call recording and quality management system. Matthew Balcomb, CEO of CallCabinet South Africa, says, “Atmos provides clients with a compliant call recording solution based on a pay-as-you-grow, software-as-a-service business model. With Atmos, customers can easily store, retrieve and search for call recordings through its flexible HTML5 Web-based portal, all of which are essential features for customers relying on compliant call recordings to monitor productivity, perform dispute resolution as well as elevate customer service.”
Atmos integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Skype for Business, Asterisk, BroadSoft and a multitude of telephony systems and devices available in the market today. Atmos makes it easy to access recordings from any device with an Internet connection. Because of its scalability, Atmos can be deployed in organisations with as few as two to three users and in businesses with thousands of employees.
Says Pieton: “The CallCabinet solution is very well aligned with our offering – we can provide call recording for a single extension or for 1000 extensions or more. Our solutions are exceptionally scalable and CallCabinet enhances that from the call recoding point of view, plus they’re compliant, which is very important to our enterprise customers. With the functionality that CallCabinet provides, clients have the audit trail, the encryption on the audio files and the POPI compliance they crave – it is a really good fit.”
Accordingly, Pieton adds that a large part of the appeal of the CallCabinet solution is its affordability. “Cost has traditionally been a been a barrier to call recording solutions, limiting the market to only those customers compelled to keep records of all calls from a regulatory perspective. Our combined offering is affordable yet built on trusted technologies offering real value. We have recently completed the initial setup and deployment, already have live sites with up to 200 seats and know the solution works. We envisage increased adoption from customers who want to use call recording to increased service delivery and quality of communications.”
Implementation of the solution takes literally minutes via the cloud, Pieton says. “It is simply a tickbox we enable on our side, and because the pre-integration is done, the recordings immediately go off to CallCabinet’s servers where they are securely stored and legally compliant.”