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Seacom hits the acquisition trail


Seacom is on an aggressive acquisition trail, targeting companies that will allow it to expand its activities, particularly in metro areas.

CEO Byron Clatterbuck says the company’s focus is on enterprise customers, so the acquisition targets would typically be companies that have assets such as metro networks.

Acquisition activities will be in countries where the company has a strong presence, so probably South Africa and Kenya would see early activity.

Clatterbuck was unable to put a value on the amount of money available for the acquisitions, but indicated that smaller targets could be self-funded and larger acquisitions financed.

Shareholders in Seacom are Remgro, Sanlam/Convergence Partners, IPS/Aga Khan Group, and founder Brian Herlihy

The organisation is aiming to increase its Seacom Business activities into the enterprise space.

Working with partners is central to the Seacom Business growth strategy.

Currently about 60% of its sales are through partners, mainly to SME customers, but this is expected to grow to between 80% and 100% in the next few years.