Today’s evolving threat landscape, where the criminals are getting more and more sophisticated and cunning, is driving the need for total security solutions that protect all devices, irrespective of operating system or manufacturer. With this in mind, Bitdefender has unveiled its new security suite, Total Security Multi-Device 2017.
According to Lutz Blaeser, MD of Bitdefender distributor Intact Security, Total Security Multi-Device 2017 has the same key features as Bitdefender Internet Security: A solid mix of antivirus, firewall, browsing protection, parental controls, anti-theft system, encryption and password manager.
“However, the new suite takes this to the next level by providing protection for Mac OS and Android devices as well as PCs, and adding in some fantastic extras like anti-theft tools and the performance-enhancing feature, 1-click Optimizer.”
The 2017 product also features far more effective ransomware protection, says Blaeser. “It has become very apparent that ransomware is a local as well as a global problem. Also, that just about everybody has a dog in this fight. It has become one of the fastest growing threats in cybersecurity today, and is a popular means for hackers to make money.”
He says as ransomware explodes with new malware variants and increasingly ingenious ways of scamming targets, businesses can no longer afford to shrug it off it as a user-only problem. “This is why the new product can now store the user’s most important files in special folders which trusted applications will be able to access as usual, with everything else getting solidly locked out.”
Bitdefender 2017 also features the newly introduced Wifi Security Advisor, a one-click tool which checks all available wireless networks quickly and identifies any security vulnerabilities. “Another improved feature is the firewall and parental controls, boosting family oriented protection, and privacy protection across all platforms,” Blaeser adds.
“There’s no point in using many different security products when you can have the perfect all-in-one solution. Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2017 is the perfect choice when you want to protect your Windows, Mac OS and Android devices all at once, delivering ironclad protection against even the most sophisticated threats.”
He says it employs the most advanced security technology available today, yet it’s easy and intuitive. “Users need one account to protect up to 10 different PCs, Macs, and Android smartphones and tablets.”