Vodacom has launched One Net Business, a cloud-based unified communications solution that seamlessly converges fixed and mobile telephony services across any device.

This means that customers can switch a call between their mobile and landline phone at the push of a button, without transferring the call. Making or receiving a call in the office on a fixed phone and continuing it on the move via mobile, without a break in transmission, is now a reality.

Already deployed by Vodafone in 13 markets worldwide, One Net Business integrates company landlines, mobiles, desktop and tablet connectivity into a single easy-to-use platform. More advanced features include instant messaging, voice, video and web conferencing as well as document sharing in real time and on the go.

Because all this integration occurs in the cloud, the service removes the need for on premise equipment which allows employees to work effectively, whether in the office or out and about. There is also no need to download client software, which means One Net Business is compatible with any device, negating the need for field workers to have specialised devices.

“Flexible working is becoming an essential aspect of modern business,” says Chris Ross, Vodacom Business managing executive: business solutions. “Being able to work remotely and on any device, can rapidly improve productivity. One Net Business delivers true convergence and a simpler, more effective way to manage communications.”

One Net Business customers have greater cost control on communications spend via a flexible, scalable service that can grow with the workforce. This enables businesses to minimise their capital expenditure and consumable services in a predictable Opex-based way, for example purchasing 100 licenses for a staff complement of 100. The ability to link fixed and mobile phones also means unlimited free Closed User Group minutes for each end user subscribed to the service.

Offering one hosted service, one number for fixed and mobile calls, one voicemail for all messages and one contract, One Net Business is suitable for businesses of all sizes and types. The ability to have a single geographic number means larger businesses can remove landlines and employ more staff who can work from anywhere, thereby negating the need for more office space, while small and medium businesses can still look professional even when using mobile devices.

The single number reach enables parallel and simultaneous ringing on all nominated devices. Alternatively, intelligent call routing ensures customer calls are directed to the correct person the first time, while employees can set some calls to be pushed to their mobile while all other calls will only be directed to their landline. Switchboard operators can see where an employee is with a presence feature, allowing them to direct the call to the most appropriate device or save on roaming costs by directing calls to a PC if the user is abroad.

“Maintaining a high standard of communication is simply good business. Unanswered calls and emails, and under-resourced social media accounts are all a fast way to lose customers, clients and suppliers. One Net Business offers better customer service and boosts staff productivity though the highest level of mobility and availability, providing the means to measure, manage, monitor and control usage and costs. It gives businesses the freedom to concentrate on their customers, rather than managing their communications,” concludes Ross.