Software AG has announced that ARIS for SAP Solutions, a collaborative process improvement environment that enables convenient, on-demand documentation, analysis and streamlining of processes, is the first business process analysis (BPA) tool to support the new version of SAP Solution Manager, on-premise or in the cloud.
Consequently, Software AG helps ensure that businesses can run the new SAP Solution Manager 7.2, allowing them to map their processes to their corporate strategy on an ongoing basis.
ARIS enables standard data exchange between its business process analysis (BPA) capabilities and the new Application Programming Interface (API) of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. By using ARIS for SAP Solutions. enterprises can simplify SAP implementation projects, reduce the project times by as much as 40 percent, and run SAP solutions faster. With tight integration of business processes and the SAP environment, enterprises can plan projects from concept to technical implementation more easily.
Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer at Software AG, remarks: “In a nutshell, ARIS for SAP Solutions continues to be a vital tool for any company with an implementation of SAP software. It tightly integrates processes with the SAP environment and keeps abreast of all upgrades and new SAP solution rollouts. ARIS provides and enhances clear communication and collaboration across all departments and locations, and clearly helps business run their SAP software implementations better.”
Leading companies like Coca-Cola, REIFF, Rabobank and ATB Financial have achieved impressive results with ARIS. The new version brings features that help enterprises transform their processes so that they can shape their futures in a digital workplace. ARIS for SAP Solutions comprises powerful functionalities, including:
* SAP software-related process design and blueprinting – ARIS for SAP Solutions provides an integrated view of SAP software-related processes understandable by both business and IT professionals. ARIS does this by combining SAP Solution Manager process management with processes documented in ARIS, coupled with an end-to-end business requirements description.
* Testing of SAP solutions – ARIS for SAP Solutions saves time by re-using previously designed processes for end-to-end testing in order to make sure the SAP Solution works ‘as designed and expected’.
* Training, go-live and communication of SAP solutions – ARIS for SAP Solutions provides ongoing process environment information to help ensure that all active participants understand any new processes. Processes can be used and reused for communication, documentation and user training. On the one hand, users can start transactions in SAP software directly from ARIS, and on the other hand, SAP software users get transaction-related ARIS process information instead of the standard technical SAP help.
* API interface – ARIS for SAP Solutions exchanges only the relevant configuration information stored in the SAP Solution Manager and also translates ARIS models (i.e., EPC and BPMNTM) into a hierarchical structure provided in SAP Solution Manager. Data exchange is bi-directional and ensures any changes are communicated to both the business and IT since the information base is the same in all phases of a project.