T-Systems has released its Application Modernisation and Management to Go (AMM2Go) service to South African businesses.
As local companies look to transform digitally, to compete in the modern digital era, AMM2Go allows clients to focus on their strategic business differentiators – while simplifying and outsourcing all non-strategic areas of their IT landscape.
“Many large organisations have hundreds, or even thousands, of applications. In this complex world of inter-related systems many of these applications will overlap with other systems, and others will often be completely redundant,” notes Collin Govender, vice-president: sales and service management – North at T-Systems South Africa.
“With AMM2Go, we’re untangling this complex web of systems and infrastructure, retiring expensive legacy systems in favour of more powerful, modern applications. Not only does it simplify the landscape, but it gives our clients access to first-rate, highly secure technology to manage mission-critical backend services.
“Shared services like HR, Finance, and aspects of Logistics are very rarely the areas in which an organisation seeks to differentiate itself from its peers, yet managing these systems is estimated to account for up to 80% of IT resources.”
AMM2Go encompasses a broad range of Infrastructure, Platform, and Software services. It takes care of an organisation’s applications across their entire lifecycle – from analysis and planning, through to transitioning, ongoing hosting and support, scaling up or down, modernizing and decommissioning of redundant or end of life applications. Systems may be hosted on premise or within T-Systems’ cloud platform. Clients have a choice of either public, private or hybrid cloud hosting solutions.
Efficiencies are gained by consolidating the application landscapes, harmonising middleware and infrastructure, and extensively deploying virtualisation across the landscape.
“With our decade-long experience in Cloud-based delivery models, we continuously optimise applications and service processes, regularly pushing new enhancements to our clients,” explains Govender.
When AMM2Go is coupled with T-Systems’ SAP HANA Migration Factory and Cloudifier offerings, clients are guaranteed at least a 20% reduction in their IT operating costs. These savings can be channeled into technology areas that accelerate the business transformation and offer higher returns, like new innovations and enhancing customer experience.
Delivered under the radically different structure of ‘un-outsourcing’, AMM2Go promises freedom to ‘run on satisfaction and quit on incident’ – meaning that if at any stage a client is not satisfied, they can cancel their contract.
AMM2Go not only transforms back office functions and reduces the organisation’s total data footprint, but it also facilitates systems and dashboards being extended to mobile devices – empowering staff to access systems from any device, anywhere, anytime.
The support component is flexibly managed and priced, meaning that clients can opt for:
• Resource-based model for flexible engagement i.e. time and material based;
• Bucket of hours based model. Clients can utilize their bucket of support hours for any reason that they need;
• Ticket based model for maximum transparency and even more control of spend.
AMM2Go is now available to South African companies.