It may sound like a safe bet, but the truth is that no prediction is ever full proof – however, ICT experts at AWM360 are confident next year will feature an even tougher economic environment in South Africa than has been the case this year.
As hard as it is to fathom, the challenging times will continue and the advice from Human Capital Management and workforce management solution provider AWM360. Data Systems (AWM360) is for businesses to invest ahead of the upswing.
If there is one word that can be used to best describe what 2017 will be like, it is ‘challenging’. In addition to fundamental socio-economic change that will be the order of the day, businesses must ‘continue to do more with less’ and adopt a streamlined approach to technology integration and application.
This is the view of Guenter Nerlich, MD of AWM360, who says decision makers in business should not be surprised that national crisis and issues hovering over the highest office in the land, the president and ruling party, will impact on the economy.
“Many people are asking when we will see a responsible democratic way forward… until this happens, businesses, like every individual, needs to plan ahead as much as possible and be as prepared as they can be to withstand the pressures of change and adapt quickly,” says Nerlich.
From a technology point of view, AWM360 suggests next year will see the widespread convergence of workforce management and access control solutions with common ERP systems.
Nerlich says dormakaba’s EACM (Enterprise Access Control Management) solution is the most obvious example of this trend, which continues to gain momentum in the market.
“Additionally, the demand for cloud and cloud services will only increase, most likely led by multi-national operators,” he adds.