Econz Wireless has announced another tranche of new features to prevent time and attendance fraud of mobile workers.
“Following the complete new Timecard GPS build announced in November, we have added a further set of features that will bring even better workforce management to both field staff managers as well as payroll and on-site team leaders,” says Thomas Marshall, national sales manager of Econz Wireless South Africa.
South Africa is notorious for false clock ins (and outs), especially if organisations are still using mechanical time and attendance systems or relying on mobile systems where anyone could be on the mobile device. This is especially true of field staff such as field service or maintenance teams, on construction sites, security teams and even sales teams.
“Our Timecard GPS app works on any Android or iOS mobile device, and our customers in various industry sectors have asked for features that eliminate problems and requirements as they occur within their workforce,” says Marshall. “Photo capture ID and Show Current Location are two such requests and are now available, free of charge and standard to the app. It also shows the employee the tasks assigned today.”
Other features recently added include:
* Mobile device user can only Clock-in/Out within 100m to 200m of Job/Store/Customer GPS Co-ordinates (new “Clock in Lock” smart fence).
* Push notification on Android to provide “Show Current Location” feature.
* Alert Supervisor when GPS is turned off.
* Edit of Time Sheets through the View History.
* Ability to send attachments in messages to the mobile device users.
* Ability to search for team members on the mobile device (not just members in the allocated team and or locations).
* Event history length configurable on the phone (i.e. settings screen on the phone: default, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, Unlimited.
* Multi User Login (multiple security staff to login on single device for multiple shifts).
* Notify Field Worker to take a break after a period of time (3 hours, 4 hours, etc).
“We offer 24×7 support at no extra cost, and the mobile devices are kept updated via the Playstore. All these new features are available through our web portal in real time so supervisors, managers and other office staff can keep track of their mobile workers,” Marshall says. “Multiple level logins allow companies to set up mobile team/on-site views and reports, through all management levels.”