The Fujitsu Eternus  AF650 is the fastest storage solution in its class – as underlined by a new industry benchmark. The midrange all-flash system, a sales success since its launch late last year, has now gained official recognition of its industry-leading performance.
The Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 test provides a recognized independent benchmark for storage devices.
The latest SPC results validate the performance of the Eternus  AF650 model. Test results prove that the Eternus  AF650 is the most responsive system in the midrange class, even when under full system load. The benchmark also confirmed that the Eternus  all-flash system sets a new cost of just $0.40/IOPS as well as scoring strongly in overall Inputs/Outputs per Second (IOPS) performance.
With the Eternus  AF650’s ultra-fast responsiveness confirmed by the SPC-1 benchmark, the Fujitsu midrange all-flash system truly delivers class-beating storage performance and automated quality of service management, and is focused on delivering value by enabling maximum system utilization. The Eternus  AF650 provides high-performance architecture, system availability of 99.999 percent and disaster recovery capabilities. These make it perfect for consolidating data from large-scale databases, tier-1 business-critical applications and business analytics into one single system, without creating bottlenecks. As a result, organizations can achieve a higher level of productivity with fewer, smaller storage systems.
The SPC test is designed to allow buyers to compare system performance between storage vendors. Rapid response times are essential in demanding virtualization environments, for online transaction processing with high transaction frequencies, and for Big Data scenarios. Not only does the ETERNUS AF650 check all the boxes for midrange storage system performance, but it also has ample scope for the addition of more, higher-capacity solid-state drives (SSDs), making it future-proof for data center expansion.
The SPC-1 benchmark evaluates storage systems in the areas of IOPS, price/performance rating ($/IOPS) and response times. The Fujitsu Eternus  AF650 benchmark results were published on the Storage Performance Council’s website on 4 January 2017.