Risk management (RM), a component of the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform, has become an increasingly critical tool for the majority of organisations, particularly in light of expanding regulatory and compliance demands, not to mention companies’ own needs to enable better business performance and capital allocation.
CURA Software, a supplier of GRC software solutions, has launched a hosted, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.
“We believe that the launch of this cloud-based offering puts us firmly ahead of our competitors in the risk space, while at the same time delivering a wide range of additional benefits to our customers,” says Alex Roberts, regional director: sales and operations at CURA Software.
Roberts explains that a SaaS solution will simplify deployment and remove hardware costs. Expenses are limited to software subscription costs, eliminating the need for IT staff to install, configure, secure, and manage the servers. SaaS has a further benefit, in that the implementation time is greatly reduced, therefore increasing return on investment while lowering project costs.
CURA offers different subscription options to suit the needs of its clients. With all SaaS offerings, customers are assured of high reliability, availability, support and serviceability, along with standard backup and retention policies. Additional Premium models are available for clients who require tailored solutions, such as varied application configurations, 24/7 support, and dedicated hosting.
An off-the-shelf solution is also available, which will enable midsize companies to make use of CURA’s powerful, enterprise grade GRC software, without the traditional costs associated with purchasing a large-scale on-premises solution.
“Finally, for those organisations that have concerns about cloud-based solutions or cannot make use of them due to security or compliance related issues, we also offer an on-premises solution that allows the customer to manage their own infrastructure and procure their own software licenses.
“Our motto is ‘managing uncertainty’. Although the benefits of SaaS are clear and unambiguous, we want to provide certainty to our clients by delivering a range of options to suit each one. It is for this reason that we are currently one of the first GRC solution providers to offer both cloud and on-premises solutions,” concludes Roberts.