The Internet of Things (IoT) is on track for high growth in South African as startup Sensor Networks and Digicape partner to launch a first-of-a-kind Apple Watch app for the Sensor Smart Tracker device and integrate the existing Sensor Tracker App directly into Digicape’s online store to enable in-app purchases.
Sensor Networks and Digicape already share a distribution partnership to resell the Sensor Smart Tracker device, the only ICASA approved tracking device in South Africa. Smart Tracker operates using low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology to locate everyday items that are easy to misplace or lose.
Users of the Smart Tracker devices with Apple Watches will now be able to locate their items through the App on their Apple Watch. Users will also be able to buy more smart tracker devices directly through their mobile App and have them delivered for free in any of the main metro areas by Digicape.
“I’m a longstanding fan of the Sensor’s Smart Tracker, as it has come in handy a few times when my car keys have been ‘misplaced’ and I’ve needed to get somewhere,” comments Robin Olivier, MD of Digicape, “Keeping track of all my devices through the App on my Apple Watch just makes sense. We are proud to be innovating with the local team at Sensor Networks to lead what is fast becoming the next wave of digital transformation, IoT. The Apple Watch Tracker App is a first to market in SA and part of a limited number worldwide, so this is a great credit to everyone involved.”
“Technology is disrupting the wearables market in an exciting way. Combining Digicape’s Apple devices and local presence with our experience in IoT, customers can look forward to more exciting developments and SA-firsts,” according to Mark Allewell, founder of Sensor Networks, “We’re barely scratching the surface of IoE (Internet of Everything). Our innovative IoT hardware and software applications are further helping change local industries; as in this case with Sensor Tracker, where we’re linking our devices with insurance companies, clients and their insured items, to reduce risk.”
The Sensor Tracker is a small BLE tracker device with software that makes it more efficient, and quicker to find things. If you’re far away from the item it’ll drop a pin where it was last tracked.
There’s also the option of crowd-finding, when another person with the Sensor Tracker App installed comes within range of an item that has been registered as lost, they will receive a notification of the lost item and details of who the item belongs to.