Claire Reid, founder of Reel Gardening, received the prestigous Agripreneur of the Year Award in the Future Agro Challenge.
Reid will receive ongoing mentorship, partnership possibilities, and an opportunity to expand her business to different markets.
The challenge saw 50 selected agripreneur innovators from five continents competed and demonstrate their immediate actions to creating solutions to national, regional and global challenges, battling it out in front of a live audience and jury.
Reel Gardening produces Biodegradable Seed Tape, a seed system that can be grown into a vegetable or herb garden in nearly any climate. It takes just five minutes to plant and uses 80% less water.
Reid developed the concept in 2002, to address the problems she was encountering in starting and nurturing her own first vegetable garden at the young age of 16. She has won various accolades for her development from various scientific organisations in South Africa.
Reel Gardening has since then also developed an app that users can download to help through the planting and growing of your garden.
Carla Tanas, co-founder of FAC, says: “A warm congratulations to Claire Reid, we are excited that our championships was held for the first time in its third leg in South Africa and crowning a South African as the most innovative agripreneur.”