Samsung Electronics South Africa has enabled more than 400 learners from the Motswatemeng High School in Moretele, North West, to power-up and join the global digital disruption revolution with the installation of the state of the art Solar Powered Internet School (SPIS).
This initiative serves to empower learners through a more interactive augmented educational experience through partnership with local traditional councils as well as educational bodies.
In 2011, Samsung introduced its Solar Powered Internet Solutions for use in remote rural areas with limited or no access to electricity. The Solar Powered Internet School model tackles one of Africa’s biggest economic challenges, namely electricity supply.
On average, less than 25% of rural areas on the African continent benefit from electricity, resulting in isolated communities with limited access to education and connectivity – both of which are key to fast-tracking a nation’s development.
Sung Woo Han, MD and vice-president of Samsung Electronics Southern Africa, says: “This initiative is part of our objective to increase access and connectivity across Africa, targeting specifically remote rural areas. Partnering with the Local Traditional Council has provided us an opportunity to make a sustainable difference in the community of Moretele and we look forward to seeing tomorrow leaders emanate from this community.”
The school’s principal, Vivienne Kgobe, welcomes the initiative. “My pupils and teachers will benefit significantly from the collaboration with Samsung. The technology will allow learners to the best of both worlds, theory and practical skills, and the top performing Grade 12 students stand a better chance of receiving a full bursary towards their electronics and electrical engineering tertiary studies.”
The Samsung SPIS offers a self-sustainable solar powered classroom which houses 24 learners fitted with 24 tablets and an interactive white board. The laptops are pre-loaded with the entire school syllabus and have wireless connectivity to allow instantaneous sharing of information and will give students a technology-rich education without having to travel far.
“Samsung understands the importance of education through technology to make a difference and create real and impactful change,” says Han.