A new IP video surveillance system usually requires that the security specialist or installer purchases all components individually before undertaking the process of device installation and infrastructure implementation. This can be time-consuming, costly and complicated.
By delivering complete FLIR visual kits that contain everything necessary for an entire 4-8 camera system, Graphic Image Technologies is enabling local businesses and security professionals to purchase a surveillance security solution in a box.
“The FLIR brand is a trusted name,” says Laurence Smith, executive at GIT, “so we’re offering a reliable product bundle with the benefit of an affordable price and complete solution in a ‘kit’. Depending on the bundle configuration chosen the kits consist of a set number of FLIR IP cameras as well as FLIR’s Full HD Power over Ethernet (PoE)+ Network Video Recording System, which enables 3MP HD video recording with high-capacity storage and offers simple remote viewing.
“These IP bundles offer simple installation due to PoE+ integration that allows auto-detection of cameras upon connection to the NVR,” Smith adds.
Wizard-driven installation streamlines the entire process as it is a simple matter of running the cables and plugging all the components in.
“The fact that PoE is included on the NVR device means that no external power supplies are required, and the cameras all feature a 3-axis design for easy wall or ceiling mounting to make for an installation that is less labour-intensive. The IP cameras included in the kit are capable of HD recording and have infrared night vision mode, with durable IP66 weather-proof housing that is suitable for all weather conditions,” Smith says.
FLIR’s Full HD PoE+ NVR System is capable of powerful video recording and processing speeds of up to 80Mbps network bit rate processing with support for HD recording of up to 4MP. Security operators will appreciate the system’s pentaplex operation that enables simultaneous viewing, recording, playback and backup with monitoring that is quick, secure and remote. Access to the surveillance system is possible remotely via iOS, Android, PC and Mac using ‘FLIR Cloud’ which can be set up in three easy steps. Multisite viewing can be enabled with FLIR Cloud CMS, which supports both PC and Mac.
“Installers wanting a fast and simple installation with a one-stop boxed solution will find everything they’re looking for in these FLIR IP bundled kits, as will customers that would like the satisfaction that comes with installing an IP surveillance system on their own without too much hassle. In short, these kits are the perfect blend of HD video recording capability with high-capacity storage and simple remote viewing. The fact that everything is so simple to install only makes this kind of powerful security equipment more affordable and more accessible,” Smith concludes.