SA Florist has deployed BrandChat to improve efficiencies throughout its supply chain.
BrandChat, a tool that is transforming how businesses interact using multiple messaging platforms, will help SA Florist continue to deliver a world-class customer experience.
BrandChat has built a unified dashboard that allows businesses like SA Florist to create and manage a bot as well as do its customer support across all supported chat apps in one place.
SA Florist’s online marketplace has more than 200 local florists and it needs to be in constant contact with each one. Until now, the support team was spending about 80% of its time reminding florists to accept orders and also to notify the system when an order was dispatched.
BrandChat has built a bot that sends an automated message to the florist asking them to reject or accept the order. There are also reminder notifications that go out if orders are not accepted within the required timeframe.
“By building this bot, we have reduced the amount of time the support team needs to be on the phone with the florist, freeing them up to manage sales calls and assisting customers,” says BrandChat director Tracy Surkont.
Florists also benefit in that they don’t have to constantly check emails, they are notified of their order on their messenger platform of choice.
BrandChat has also developed tools that enable businesses to create engaging additional content inside chat apps. This could include broadcasting special offers or the latest news, or getting feedback via polls and surveys.
SA Florist will soon also be launching its customer care bot which will be supported across Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram and Kik.