AIGS has announced the latest release of Progress OpenEdge – the application development platform that simplifies delivery of mission-critical business applications.
The 11.7 release, available immediately, includes capabilities to ensure higher availability of mission-critical applications, enhanced security and accurate analytics.
“Today’s enterprise applications are highly complex, deployed on a variety of platforms and expected to meet stringent requirements for security, administration and maintenance,” says Rick Parry, CEO of AIGS. “This places a high burden of expectation on application development and delivery providers.”
According to Forrester Research, “AD&D leaders need healthy systems – not only as prerequisite for delivering business outcomes, but also to meet customers’ expectations that you will keep their data secure and comply with relevant legislation.”
“Progress pushes the boundaries of OpenEdge with every release, to ensure we’re providing what our customers need to stay competitive,” says Colleen Smith, vice-president and GM of Progress OpenEdge. “With OpenEdge 11.7 we are building on this tradition of excellence with capabilities that provide additional assurances of uptime, security and accurate analytics.”
Mission-critical business applications drive business, which means uptime is of the utmost importance. Smith says the Progress OpenEdge platform ensures uninterrupted access to systems and information with new Replication Target Synchronization and Online Index Activation.
Replication Target Synchronization provides a three-pronged failover approach that overcomes a single point of failure, supporting continuous operations. Companies can configure the RDBMS for manual or automatic transition, to meet their business needs in times of maintenance or disaster recovery. In addition, Online Index Activation enhances the flexibility of the database by easing the addition of new indices to the schema at their convenience, with zero downtime and without disrupting the application.
Businesses are more reliant on data than ever, as a competitive differentiator. Therefore, data visibility and accuracy are top priorities. Through OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC), businesses can track and save only the changes made to data–regardless of where they occur. This facilitates accurate, efficient ETL synchronisation with other data sources, repositories and warehouses, supporting the increasing demand for ease of reporting and insightful, descriptive embedded analytics. Companies can minimise the time, effort and cost typically associated with data extraction and synchronisation, enabling them to drive business process improvement and make better business decisions, faster.
Increased IT complexity jeopardises the overall welfare of businesses today. In fact, studies have shown the vulnerability of SMBs has escalated by 30% since 2013. Protection at the data source is paramount to a successful organisational and application security strategy. As part of the latest release, Progress announces the availability of the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway.
The new offering enhances the security of the OpenEdge application environment by redirecting all access requests to a secure token service (STS) that confirms user legitimacy and protects from malicious data manipulation. The new OpenEdge Authentication Gateway leverages the modern, sophisticated Progress Application Server, built on security industry standards such as Tomcat Spring Security and OpenSSL.
“Application development continues to grow in complexity, year-on-year. Progress provides us with the tools we need for easy and reliable development in highly complex business environments. The company’s product roadmap has always been clearly articulated, which makes betting on Progress easy,” Parry concludes.
The Progress OpenEdge 11.7 platform is available now.