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Global Impact Challenge finalists announced


The SingularityU Chapters in Southern Africa have chosen the top five finalists who will be selected at the final judging event of the annual Global Impact Challenge.

Singularity University, founded in 2008, is dedicated to leveraging technologies for the benefit of humanity. Global Impact Challenges aim to discover entrepreneurs who will solve global issues through innovative technology.

This is South Africa’s second year of hosting a challenge and, once again, the winner will be invited to participate in Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program in Silicon Valley worth $40 000 and have the opportunity to develop their moonshot, world-changing ideas.

Finalists are:

* Michael Schmid, a 27-year-old mechanical engineer with design experience in the aerospace industry.

* Benji Coetzee, who has decades of experience in top-tier consulting, CIB and insurance and is now CEO of Tech start-up EmptyTrips.

* Spencer Horne, the founder of Public Assembly, who wants to make ‘big stuff’ and dreams of helping usher Africa into an age of technical prosperity following his degree in aeronautical engineering.

* Brett Jordaan, the founder and director of Evolution Africa Capital which is a Private equity investment into solar PV projects across Africa – 3MW to 150MW sizes.

* Jonathan Lun, an experienced senior engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the aerospace industry.

During the ceremony, finalists will present their concepts to a panel of judges and guests who will select the winning concept via an interactive voting system.