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The top SAP implementations are …


The SAP Africa Quality Awards recognised eight SAP Africa customers for quality innovation, business transformation and fast implementations of digital transformation projects, leveraging SAP solutions.

According to Nazia Pillay, head of active quality management at SAP Africa, the event is an ideal opportunity to acknowledge customers for successful implementation of SAP’s innovative technology in Africa.

“Our award recipients hail from a range of industries in the private and public sectors and were selected by an independent, external panel of judges. The quality of our African customers’ technology implementations exceeded global standards, pointing to a bright future for digital transformation on the continent.”

Pillay adds that the judges were clear about what makes a successful technology implementation. “The key to success lies in determining the requirements early and to align the technology project with the broader strategic objectives of the organisation.”

Globally, SAP counts 87% of the Forbes Global 2000 as customers, with 98% of the top 100 most valued brands in the world using SAP. This year, a total of eight  SAP Africa customers received awards, including the City of Cape Town, Pick n Pay, UACN, Nigerian German Chemicals, Cosumar, Kenya Electricity Transmission Company, Botswana Oil and Alteram.

To date, SAP has more than 1 800 customers in Africa, 500 partners across 20 African countries, and more than 240 channel partners who are committed to bringing SAP solutions to the African market, to aid the digitisation of Africa.

“We looked at projects that demonstrated excellent planning and execution, high levels of quality and a focus on rapid, cost-effective implementation that reflects the SAP vision of making the world run better,” Pillay says. “Customer projects that generated business value and met customer demands, were also favoured during the judging process. Awards were handed out in four categories, namely Business Transformation, Fast Delivery, Cloud, and SAP HANA Innovation.”

Deena Pillay, chief financial officer at SAP Africa, adds: “The Quality Awards ceremony reflects SAP’s commitment to driving digital transformation on the African continent and bring together the public and private sectors, to drive a new era of economic growth and prosperity.

“We are proud of our customers’ achievements and look forward to building on our collective success. Only through collaboration with our extensive ecosystem, will we collectively realise our vision of making Africa a leading force in the future digital economy.”